I started blogging around January 2018 after a friend suggested it. I was skeptical at first, wrote a couple of posts, shared on LinkedIn and Twitter. Crickets.
That's where people usually give up. Attention is a limited resource, social and professional networks are unbalanced, and it's clear that content creation far exceeds people's capacity to consume.

I decided to power through. Now, to get people's attention, one can either be interesting or be helpful. Eventually, you will become both - but you have to start somewhere. I chose the helpful route. Wrote about a couple of technical problems I solved, where I hadn't been able to find good answers online.

That's when people started to show up. In a few months I was getting 50 people a day. A couple of months later it reached 100.

One hundred people may not sound like much, so here's a visualization of what that looks like. Imagine helping that many people, every day:
Companies with most repeat visits: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple - followed by thousands of other companies in the last 12 months.

But the best part was their comments:

Thanks for great tutorial! Installed without any problems.

Awesome job!! thanks for the write up.

Thank you so much for this article! It really helped.

Thank you for your excellent guides.

You are a life saver.

This is why I blog.

Image source: reddit, what numbers look like.