About me

Hello, I am Mike Alatortsev. I provide consulting services for AI, ML, and cognitive computing. I build ML workflows for various types of data, from social media to satellite imagery.

Current projects:

  • iTrend - identify early trends and extract insights from public data sources: text, images, video
  • Cargofone - "Uber for trucking" fully automated on-demand transportation platform operating in Russia, expanding globally
  • Advection - global video cloud with built-in real-time video analysis

Experience: digital media, cloud services, software and systems architecture, scalability, performance, video workflows, data analysis, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, IBM Watson, natural language processing, blockchain.


Find me on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Media mentions:

CNNMoney asked data analyst Michael Alatortsev, head of iTrend, to look at the accounts that have apparently been blocked. Alatortsev created the "people blocked by @pmarca" list and is one of those people himself.

But data analyst Michael Alatortsev, who at the time was reportedly among those blocked by Andreessen, looked at the more than 200 accounts that had tweeted about being blocked.”

“YouNow has a much better data platform,” iTrend founder Michael Alatortsev—whose other company, Advection, provides the video streaming infrastructure for YouNow—told the Observer. “They’re capturing a lot of data, and they know so much about the audience and the performers, which makes discovery easy.

Although some of iTrend’s clients use the tool to improve their bottom lines or reduce costs, others use the insights to better identify and understand both new and existing markets. “If you’re a marketer, iTrend will give you a list of very interesting engagement opportunities that exist for you, literally within the same day,” says Michael Alatortsev, iTrend’s founder. He estimates that 80 percent of the information iTrend delivers to customers is actionable, which is much higher than the industry average.